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From Wikipedia:

“LuSoga (Soga) is a tonal Bantu language that is spoken in Uganda. It is the native language of people who are indigenous/originally from the Busoga region. In terms of the number of speakers, is one of the major languages spoken in Uganda, after English, Swahili, and Luganda. However, it is mainly spoken in the Busoga region of southern Uganda by + 3 million people (2007 census)… It is tonal in the sense that a given word can change its meaning depending on its tone, i.e. some words are differentiated by pitch. Words that are spelled the same may carry different meanings according to their pitch. Lusoga is rich in metaphors, proverbs and folktales.”

There are several websites that have the basic words and phrases of Lusoga, including the following:
– Wikipedia Lusoga Language entry

UVP’s YouTube Page

English – Lusoga Dictionary, selected words and phrases

The purpose of this webpage is to be able to listen to native Lusoga speakers speaking the language. Because of the musical quality of the language noted above, it can be very helpful to understand how Lusoga sounds when spoken by native speakers.

Please click on the links below to hear Lusoga and to download the text transcription of the audio.

Greetings In LusogaAudio

Conversational Lusoga Audio

Conversational Lusoga, Part 2Audio


Words for FoodAudio

Words Related to HealthAudio

Words Related to Sanitation and HygieneAudio

Common VerbsAudio

Thanks to Lily Hsieh, Milly Nabirye, and Patty Barrientos for the audio recordings.