2018 Intern Cohort

Derrick Agaba is from Rukungiri in Western Uganda, but grew up in Manafwa in Eastern Uganda and is currently living in Kampala. He recently completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science at Makerere University. Derrick completed an internship with African Wildlife Foundation as a programme officer in Lake Mburo conservation area in Southwestern Uganda. During this internship he interacted with people in the communities surrounding Lake Mburo National Park and spawned his desire for community work. Additionally, Derrick worked with Center for International Forest Research (CIFOR) as an enumerator in conducting focus group discussions surrounding the water tower project. He loves travelling, watching and playing soccer.
Ahimbisibwe Gloria is a second year student of Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health Science at the School of Public Health. She lives in Kabale district in southwestern Uganda and speaks several languages. Gloria volunteered with Reproductive Health Uganda and gained knowledge in menstrual hygiene, diseases of the reproductive system, family planning methods,  planning and procurement, and guidance and counselling. She has participated in many community outreaches and is interested in working with people, especially in villages, so that she can share with them the knowledge she has acquired in school. Her personal interests include travelling, swimming, playing volleyball, singing, dancing, meeting new people, and sharing beneficial ideas.
Trevor Bishai hails from Durban, South Africa. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, United States, he and his family moved to South Africa when he was eleven years old. He is a rising sophomore at Harvard University where he studies Sociology and Government. Trevor is interested in international development, social inequality, community engagement, and politics. In the past, he has worked with several NGOs in his hometown of Durban focused on education equity and youth empowerment. This summer, he is excited to be working in Iganga District to boost health standards and empower local communities to implement sustainable public health solutions. Trevor delights in traveling to new places, making music, reading books, and drinking coffee.
Christine Chin recently graduated from the University of Chicago and majored in Public Policy. Since graduating, she visited Cambodia, where she supported a school that provides free education to children living in the slums of Phnom Penh. Working closely with children at risk of dying from preventable diseases emboldened her passion for health care access and led her to the internship with UVP. Looking forward, Christine plans to pursue an MD/Master’s of Public Health degree to contribute to the global health scene in a greater capacity. She is looking forward to working with the people of the Kinu village and is excited to learn about how international NGOs mobilize resources and collaborate with communities to improve health in rural settings.
Laura Hill is from East Islip, New York, United States. She received a Bachelor’s Degree from  SUNY Cortland in Exercise Science. This past summer, Laura relocated to Denver, Colorado, United States to begin earning a Master’s Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Global Community and Behavioral Health. She hopes to pursue a career in global health research with a focus on mental health. This is her first time going to Uganda and is excited to be working with UVP!
Kasewa Hilda Judith is a second year student at Makerere University’s College of Health and Sciences, School of Public Health. Hilda wishes to engage in a career that will allow for progress in terms of expertise, socio-economic development, and innovation through exposure to new ideas for progress in terms of expertise, socio-economic development, and innovation through exposure to new ideas for professional growth. From this internship she seeks to learn new skills and ideas to contribute to the improvement of public health. Hilda is a self-directed and hardworking student. She works quickly and very efficiently and is a great team player with conflict resolution skills. Besides her career, she is active and interested in sports, music, and drama.
Clare Killian is from St. Louis, Missouri and is a Junior at Loyola University Chicago studying International Studies and Spanish Language and Literature, also completing a minor in Bioethics. She absolutely LOVES the city of Chicago and all it has to offer! Through International Studies coursework, Clare has personalized her learning in several interdisciplinary areas. She intends to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public and Global Health with a focus on Women’s and Reproductive Health. She is excited about all the possibilities to learn about the world while closing cultural and educational gaps. After spending a lot of time with her family’s organization in a small village, Clare considers Uganda her second home.
Kuseka Gertrude Aidah is a resident of Iganga District. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult and Community Education with the Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation at Kyambogo University. She has worked with Sexual Reproductive Health Uganda, Iganga Branch as a data collection assistant and community educator. Gertrude is passionate about health matters, especially health prevention and community engagement. She applied for the internship with UVP due to the direct involvement with local communities in solving health issues and that the organization associates with different people from different cultures, countries, and universities. Through this internship she expects to learn how to work with the community members directly, improve her leadership skills, and gain more practical knowledge.
Annliz Macharia was born and raised in Kenya but has lived in the United States for almost 15 years. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Health at Boston University School of Public Health with a concentration in Monitoring and Evaluation and Global Health. She’s passionate about improving the health of vulnerable populations in low-resource settings and over the years, has been fortunate to work in countries like Costa Rica and Honduras promoting maternal and child health. Annliz is excited to join UVP this summer and to work with the people of Iganga District and other interns to address some of the public health challenges in the community.
Alex Mulyowa is currently a student of Environmental Health Science at Makerere University School of Public Health. He has a passion for community health and is someone who hopes that most people in his community have the ability to prevent and manage their health related challenges. For him, being introduced to environmental health and public health has been the best part of his educational journey because it has exposed him to the major burdens within rural areas of Uganda. He pursued an internship with UVP because it looks at transforming livelihoods of people for an improved health status. He wants to be a part of the change that will begin at the grassroots level.
Mugero Sarah Kambedha is from the Iganga District. She is a student of Kyambogo University pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Arts a Social Sciences. She was inspired to participate in this year’s Healthy Villages summer internship to discover causes of poor health and other social problems in the community. She hopes to gain more knowledge on how to improve on her communication skills, interpersonal skills, socialization, and leadership skills, and to use these to improve people’s lives in the community.
Mutegele Shafic is from Mayuge Town Council in the Busoga region. He is a student of Kyambogo University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult and Community Education and is in his third and final year of study. He is experienced in community education, health education, leadership, and working with marginalized communities. He enjoys volunteering in his community to support health and economic empowerment. Shafic did his first internship in 2017 with the department of probation and social welfare in Mayuge District where he engaged in sensitizations, community education, and conflict mediation and resolution. He is excited to work with UVP and hopes to learn about how to improve maternal health and family planning in rural communities.
Suzan Mutoni is Rwandan by descent and is currently a citizen of Uganda in Wakiso District. She is a second year student of Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health at Makerere University. Her biggest inspiration to participate in the UVP internship stems from the essential education provided to communities. Combined with her formal education, Suzan hopes to gain more practical knowledge about public health challenges and their solutions. She loves to see people smile.
Nabukenya Margaret is from Masaka District and recently completed her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Kyambogo University. She intends to continue her studies by pursuing a diploma in Clinical Medicine. Because the internship with Uganda Village Project mainly associates with communities, she hopes that she will use the relevant skills for achieving her set goal. She has an objective of developing her profession into a skill based job that is relevant to the community. She loves reading and singing in her free time.
Namusubo Jane grew up in Iganga District. She is currently a student at Kyambogo University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Adult and Community Education. She is passionate about the needs of both children and adults with special needs and improve on the health of people in the rural communities. Jane believes that working with UVP will add to her skills and knowledge, especially pertaining to health and how to deal with people from different backgrounds and with different status from her own. Jane also hopes to learn more about the different strategies for preventing the spread of disease like malaria and HIV/AIDS. She also looks forward to learning how to reduce the rates of maternal mortality.
Nansubuga Rahma is a student atLira University, finalizing her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Public Health. She enjoys interacting with people at all levels to attain shared dreams and goals (which, by the way, describes her choice of career). She has successfully completed two internships and is excited to take on another one with UVP. Her friends would describe her as a reader (usually for the fun of it as well as for being informed), a hard worker, team player, humorous, amicable, and goal-oriented. Her hobbies include jogging, cooking, reading, and giving a helping hand.
Kevin Preciado is from California and a recent graduate from University of California, Irvine in both Public Health Policy and Sociology. Kevin completed his public health practicum in Southern Africa, where he gained practical experience with patients, nurses, and physicians in rural Botswana. This experience invigorated a mission within Kevin to participate in the fight against the global burden of disease. Kevin hopes to one day serve refugee populations throughout the world, and after his time in UVP he will be traveling to Israel and Palestine to further his understanding of displaced people in the Middle East. Kevin is humbled and grateful to undergo a profound experience with UVP this summer!
Daniel Shaby is from Los Angeles and grew up attending Jewish private school until university education. Growing up with an Israeli father and a Mexican-American mother allowed Daniel to learn several languages and is fluent in Spanish, Hebrew, and English. My hobbies include playing fútbol, calisthenics, going to the gym, and learning new languages (currently French). Daniel studied abroad in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where he enrolled in Spanish-taught classes in public health and learned how to front-flip into a lake. Daniel is a student at University of California, Berkeley, studying Economics and Public Health. I hope to one day make a national impact in improving public health outcomes in developing countries.
Ellis Silva is from Houston, Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Northeastern University and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Health at Brown University. She is on the Global Health track within her program with hopes of working internationally with refugee and rural communities. When she’s not in classes, she loves to eat, read, and travel! She is so excited to have the opportunity to explore a new country and be immersed in Ugandan culture. She can’t wait to work with UVP interns and staff in pursuit of improving the overall health of these communities in the Iganga district!
Gabriel Swinth is from Manhattan, New York and is a rising senior studying International Studies, Global Public Health, and Geography at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. He has previously lived in Mozambique and is eager to return to Africa. During his sophomore year he worked with the Kenyan Ministry of Health to prep for the tuberculosis review and write a tuberculosis patient pathway. At Macalester Gabriel is an active member of the ultimate frisbee team. He avidly supports Arsenal F.C. and hopes to watch as much World Cup soccer as possible. He looks forward to this summer in Uganda learning about public health and meeting interesting people.
Arnold Tigaiza comes from Jinja District. He is a second year student at Makerere University School of Public Health, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health Sciences. After this, he intends to pursue a Master’s in Public Health and later specialize in disease control. He loves influencing positive change and helping people to evolve positively and believes UVP gives the perfect opportunity to do this. He is also excited to learn the ways of rural people and live amongst them comfortably as this will help to guide his leadership career first at county level, then district level and national level later. “So help me God.”
Amanda Tyler is from Lafayette, Colorado, USA and is in her second year of graduate school at the Colorado School of Public Health. Her undergraduate degrees were in Health and Exercise Science, and English from Colorado State University. After completing her undergraduate degrees, she worked as an Exercise Physiologist in the Denver area for three years. During her time there, she discovered her passion for helping individuals regarding preventative healthcare. She is currently studying global health and health disparities and hopes to work in the non-profit realm doing international work. She traveled to various parts of Africa in 2014 and is excited to be returning to work in Uganda to connect with locals to improve health in the rural setting.
Lexie Van Dall is from Pell City, Alabama, United States and is a rising senior studying Public Health at Tulane University. She spent time researching social determinants of health and health disparities in Maternal and Child Health, and is particularly interested in exploring the utility of the Life Course Model in varying cultural contexts. Lexie regularly volunteers in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States and is working toward becoming a certified HIV counselor. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in medicine. Lexie spends her spare time reading in quiet coffee shops, gardening, and hammocking in the park.
Shannon Wheeler grew up in Kinnelon, New Jersey, United States. She is a rising senior at University of California, Los Angeles where she is pursuing a degree in International Development Studies and English. She is currently conducting research on Uganda’s progressive refugee policies, with a specific focus on the availability of public health resources for displaced people. Shannon spent time studying human rights in Argentina and Chile. In her free time, she loves to read, hike, and spend time with friends. She is excited to work on community healthcare at a grassroots level, and is looking forward to living in Kinu Village this summer!