Practicum Information

UVP has hosted many students who use the summer internship as practicum experiences for their undergraduate or graduate studies. Our internship program can be a very rewarding practicum experience if UVP, the student, and the specific school requirements are a good fit.

The UVP internship is 8 weeks or 320 hours long.

UVP interns are placed in rural villages surrounding Iganga District. The practicum supervisor stays in town. You will have the opportunity for three formal meetings throughout the internship (beginning, middle, and end) with the practicum supervisor to review your goals and work. Additional meetings can be scheduled as needed and the supervisor will be making site visits and observing work in the village periodically throughout the internship period.
The UVP internship offers:

Practical on-the-ground experience in public health work in the rural village setting
Interns will focus their time on understanding the community, community mobilization, creating and implementing creative education sessions, qualitative and quantitative data collection, report writing, teamwork and communication on an international team.

Data to use in further school work
If you are interesting in using data that you collect for UVP during the course of the internship or other UVP data for use in other course work, the practicum supervisor would be happy to work with you.

The UVP internship does NOT offer:

8 weeks to focus on your own research project
UVP has a set of activities and deliverables for each intern team and expects that all team members will contribute equally in completing them. UVP work is generally Monday through Friday from 9-5. Interns are welcome to explore other interests outside of the internship in their free time. If you are thinking about conducting research in the villages where you will be staying, please communicate with the UVP practicum supervisor before coming to Uganda.

Daily access to internet
Internet access is limited in Iganga and will be available from cafes if you travel into town on the weekends. Internet at the UVP office in town can be used for schoolwork if arranged beforehand with the practicum supervisor. This can be difficult for practicum students with strict timelines and deliverables required from their school. Please notify your school and request to extend deadlines.

Still not sure if the UVP internship is right for your practicum requirement?
Feel free to email the UVP Executive Director, Kelly, at with further questions.