2019 Intern Cohort



Agasha Gift Bridget is from western Uganda and currently a student from Kyambogo University studying Sociology and Social Administration.  Bridget loves making new friends and seeing the people around her happy and healthy. She enjoys reading, listening to music, basketball, and peace making.  She is grateful for the opportunity to meet new people through the internship with UVP.
Ahmed Salat is from Wajir, Northern Kenya and is currently a rising junior at Duke University studying Public Policy and Arabic. Though not yet decided on a focus area of policy, he’s interested in health, education and human rights policies, especially for minority and marginalized groups. Salat took part in an immersive research project this academic year, focusing on the impact of displacement on refugees by interacting with Palestinian, Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan. This summer, Salat is also working with ACDI/VOCA, an international nonprofit organization promoting economic development for the pastoral communities of Northern Kenya.
Ahimbisibwe Gloria is a second year student of Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health Science at the School of Public Health. She lives in Kabale district in southwestern Uganda and speaks several languages. Gloria volunteered with Reproductive Health Uganda and gained knowledge in menstrual hygiene, diseases of the reproductive system, family planning methods,  planning and procurement, and guidance and counselling. She has participated in many community outreaches and is interested in working with people, especially in villages, so that she can share with them the knowledge she has acquired in school. Her personal interests include travelling, swimming, playing volleyball, singing, dancing, meeting new people, and sharing beneficial ideas.
Akullu Winnie Florence is a student at Lira University finalizing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Public Health. She is passionate about the needs of vulnerable populations in the rural areas and improving their health. She has successfully completed two internships and has gained both organizational and teaching skills and is excited to take on another one with UVP in hopes to learn more about the different strategies for preventing the spread of communicable diseases in the community. She loves watching football (soccer), listening to music, any giving a helping hand.
Alex Dobek is from Tallahassee, Florida where he also received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Florida State University. Alex is currently an MPH candidate in Global Health Policy at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Throughout his first year as an MPH, Alex has held internships with a Health IT advocacy group, the U.S. House of Representatives and a health financing think tank. Alex hopes that the Uganda Village Project will allow him to translate skills that he has learned in the classroom into real-life global health practice.
Audrey Foxx is a first year Masters candidate at the Boston University School of Public Health with a concentration is Global Health Program Development. Audrey discovered her passion for service and health equity during a trip to Haiti in 2014, and since then has participated in subsequent international development projects in Thailand and Laos. Her areas of interest include increasing access to sexual and reproductive health resources, and improving health literacy so individuals are able to make informed and autonomous decisions for themselves and their families. She is incredibly excited to join UVP in their efforts!
Christin Ealer is from Devon, Pennsylvania. She is a rising sophomore at Dartmouth College, where she studies philosophy and psychology. Christin is especially passionate about global health and medicine. For the past two summers, she has interned at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she interacted with patients from all over the world. Christin also works in a research lab to better understand how to diagnose and treat cancer. In her free time, she enjoys playing lacrosse, skiing, and travelling. She can’t wait to spend time working in Uganda!
Elise Kelly is from Melbourne, Australia and studied Health Science at Monash University before making the move to a small rural town to work in Health Promotion. She now works full time while also studying her Masters of Public Health, also through Monash University. Elise is passionate about health and social justice, particularly women’s rights and equity. Elise loves to travel and experience different cultures. Throughout her studies Elise has had a keen interest in international health and development and is looking forward to gaining some practical experience on the ground in Uganda.
Emily Walters is from Florida and following the completion of her dual Bachelor degrees from the University of Florida in Microbiology and International Studies with a focus in Africa, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Health. At the University of South Florida, Emily is working on a Master’s in Public Health with dual concentrations in Epidemiology and Global Health. Her passion is to facilitate the intersectionality of culture and health through the integration of her programmatic, analytic, and evaluation skills to better the overall health of communities and populations at large.
Erika Hernandez is from Texas in the United States and is currently a rising sophomore at Dartmouth College. Erika is interested in anthropology, social justice, medicine, and global health. At Dartmouth, she is a Pathways to Medicine Scholar and an intern in a space physics laboratory. She is excited to work in Iganga District helping to develop sustainable ways to improve community health.
Jason Maples is a junior, studying microbiology at Texas A&M University (Whoop). He grew up a short drive down the road in Spring, Texas. Above all else, Jason seeks to emulate Christ and love everyone. This devotion to help pushes him towards his goal of becoming a doctor one day.  In his free time, he loves to play soccer (football), spend time with his family, and is always ready for an adventure.  Jason lives by the values of faith, hope, and love.
Jeremy Costin is from Westchester, New York. He is currently a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland studying Public Health and Economics. Jeremy has not yet decided what type of career in public health he would like to pursue, but he is confident his experience with UVP will have an indelible impact on him. Jeremy is looking forward to an incredible internship with UVP!
Jessica Tome holds a Ph.D in molecular biology from the University of the Basque Country in Spain. In 2012, she moved to New York where she works as researcher. Interested in global development through sustainability, Jessica pursues to use her scientific knowledge to implement sustainable solutions worldwide. She has worked to preserve the scientific heritage of countries under stress at UNESCO organization as a Science Diplomacy Intern. Since 2016, she also volunteers with IIE-Scholar Rescue Fund, connecting refugee scholars to opportunities through a network of institutions and individuals. Jessica is really excited to be working in Buswiga village to implement sustainable health solutions!
Julia Chodyla is from Tallahassee, Florida and is now a rising junior at George Washington University in Washington, DC where she is studying International Affairs, Dance and Economics. Julia first found her passion for international development and global health when she worked with indigenous populations in Guatemala where she helped build houses, worked as a pharmacist in several pop-up medical clinics and assisted in implementing sustainable employment opportunities. Julia was drawn to the internship with UVP because of the way it applies a needs-based and community-led approach. Her other passions include exploring the outdoors, dancing, traveling and smiling!
Kasadha Peter Fulgence is a student of the School of Public Health at Makerere University. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Science. He strives to be effective and productive. He loves building relationships with like-minded people. He is really excited about the UVP internship placement and can’t wait to implement public health promotion in the villages. He loves music, movies, playing and swimming.
Kibira Peter is from Kasambya, Uganda and will soon graduate in October 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Lira University. Peter completed his first internship with Mubende District local government in 2017, and second internship with St.Joseph Hospital-Kitgum School of Nursing and Midwifery. He is interested in traveling, interacting with people from different cultures, joking, playing volleyball, reading business books and doing community service. He calls himself K.P.7.
Kiiza Richardson recently completed his Bachelor’s in Arts and Social Science majoring in Political Science/Public Administration and Sociology at Kyambogo University. He loves bonding with people of different cultures and makes him feel successful when he adds value to people’s lives. It makes him happier when he learns other people’s values and norms, when he serves them to live a healthy and good life. He brings leadership skills through various trainings, conferences of leadership and different leadership positions. He did his first internship with London Medical Research Council/Uganda Virus Research Institute, where he gained knowledge in public health promotion.
Kyeru Racheal is from Iganga, Eastern Uganda and is a sophomore at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social work and Social Administration. Racheal is interested in working with different communities, empowerment, advocacy, and public health. She loves travelling, reading novels, making new friends and adventures. In her first internship, Racheal worked with the Office of Prime Minister at the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Western Uganda. She is excited to work with UVP in Iganga.
Kyerunga Joan is from Ntungamo District in Western Uganda and currently lives and studies in Kampala. She recently completed a Bachelor of Adult and Community Education at Kyambogo University. Previously, Joan did her internship and later voluntary work at Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) in Wakiso District in Central Uganda, where she led teams in delivery of quality community outreach services focused on promotion of hygiene and sanitation, sexual and reproductive health services, disease outbreak management, and blood donation drives among vulnerable communities in slum settlements. Joan is an active member of URCS. She delights in vacations, tours and travels.
Kyla Muñoz is a Master of Public Health candidate at the Colorado School of Public Health. Originally from Wisconsin, she received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a certificate in global health from UW-Madison. After finishing her degree, she worked for non-profit organizations in Tucson, Arizona and Cusco, Peru. Now as a graduate student, Kyla seeks to cultivate experiences around community health, health equity, and data-driven public health strategies. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about grass-roots mobilization and empowering communities via health education with UVP in Iganga District!
Leta Ashebo is a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University studying Public Health. The daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, Leta is interested in international health, particularly in East Africa, health equity, and social justice. In the past, Leta researched health disparities in Baltimore. She also worked with students to empower them in their academic pursuits. Leta enjoys hiking, reading, and eating good food. Ideally, Leta hopes to work on bridging gaps in health care accessibility and quality. She’s excited to take part in UVP internship, and cannot wait to work alongside other amazing interns and staff!
Makwasi Phillip Isreal is a native of Mbale District in Eastern Uganda and currently lives in Kampala. He is a young enthusiastic student of Bachelors of Environmental Health Science at Makerere University, School of Public Health. Phillip has worked with student led initiatives like Students Coalition for Health and Youths Led Initiative for Sustainable Health that provide health education to students. This holiday, Phillip is excited and looking forward to working with UVP, making new friends and creating a change in Iganga District. He loves learning new things, playing music, learning software, playing soccer and crazy adventures.
Margo Welsh is from Colorado, USA and is now living in California pursuing her Master’s degree in Positive Health Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. She plans to work with individuals and with the healthcare industry to improve healthcare outcomes for patients. She recently completed an internship where she and a doctoral student wrote a nutritional program for the parents of a local school district. She is looking forward to working with people of different cultures and backgrounds to meet their health needs. In her free time Margo enjoys spending time with her dogs, hiking, camping, and dancing.
Mariama Drammeh is from Houston, Texas and is currently a rising sophomore at Tulane University in New Orleans and is studying Public Health, International Development, and French.  She is very interested in sustainable development and hopes to do work in that realm in the future. She has a passion for service and she is excited to interact with the communities in Uganda. She is excited to spend these next couple of months in Uganda and looks forward to meeting her fellow interns!
Monalisa Das is originally from India but grew up in Tokyo and Singapore and now lives in Boston. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Health at Boston University School of Public Health and recently received a Bachelor’s degree in Cell, Molecular Biology and Genetics. With her international background, Monalisa has an interest in healthcare inequity globally. She is excited to start her public health career with the internship at UVP. She has had volunteer and work experience in Cambodia, India, United States, Japan and Singapore. In her spare time, Monalisa loves travel, music, photography, dance and art.
Mugaya Venekent is a second-year social work student at Makerere University, Kampala. He has worked in probation office as an intern where he gained many skills with children, women and youth. He is good at establishing rapport, counselling, and encouraging people who have lost hope. He is very friendly and very talkative. He has passion for working with disadvantaged people and this pushed him to study social work. He is good at making fun and comedy and he has passion for sports – he is an Arsenal fan!
Mugero Sarah is from Iganga District and recently completed her Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Sciences from Kyambogo University. She is inspired to participate in UVP’s internship to discover more about the causes of poor health and other social problems in the community. She hopes to gain more knowledge on how to improve her communication, interpersonal and leadership skills, she has an objective of developing her career into a skill-based job that is relevant to the community hence improving the living conditions of people in rural areas. She likes praying, jogging, reading, drama, and singing.
Nabisubi Fatumah is from Central Uganda and attends Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Environmental Health Science. She has been a leader for long time and is currently the secretary of electoral commission MUEHSA. She is a disciplined, faithful, friendly and humble person who loves children and playing with baby goats. She brings leadership, communication, writing, and computer skills to the UVP internship. She loves pineapple and watermelon, potatoes and spaghetti, chicken and meat. She loves watching high school movies.
Nabukalu Jalidah is a second year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health Science at the School of Public Health. She looks forward to joining a Master’s Degree program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Jalidah formerly worked with international students from Johns Hopkins University in the US. She also volunteers with health clubs at her school where they conduct community outreaches. She wishes to practice her acquired skills and knowledge to promote UVP activities in Iganga District. Jalidah loves travelling, MDD, meeting new people and learning new ideas.
Nalubega Jascent is from Masaka in Central Uganda and is currently living in Kampala where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Social Administration at Makerere University. Jascent recently completed a social work internship with St. Joseph’s Hospital, Kitovu. She is interested in women and girl child empowerment, social justice and equality, and promotion of sustainable development in rural communities. She is delighted to work with UVP in Iganga District promoting health programs as well as empowering the communities in health prevention. She likes travelling, reading books and music.
Namagembe Beatrice is from Mawokota in Central Uganda and is currently living in Kampala where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Demography and Reproductive Health at Kyambogo University. Beatrice has passion for leadership and has held many leadership positions, currently holding the position of Course Coordinator at the University. Additionally, Beatrice is a volunteer with Christ Cares Charity Fund that helps the marginalized individuals obtain basic needs. She also attends conferences that advocate for improvement of livelihood like the 2nd National Community Health Financing Conference. Her interests include reading novels, cycling and listening to kpop music.
Namakula Lydia is from Butasabwa, a small village in Uganda, and is entering her final year of pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health Science from Makerere University School of Public Health. Lydia has an interest in research and academia and is interested in changing community perspective about environmental health. She is excited to join UVP for internship to visit another part of Uganda, meet and work with new people in communities and from abroad. Lydia loves playing chess, reading novels, watching movies and scientific writing.
Nambajjwe Molly is from Kyotera District and currently lives in Kampala where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health Science from Makerere University. She is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar and is currently the secretary for academic affairs of Makerere University Environmental Health Students Association (MUEHSA) and the general secretary of The Youth-Led Initiative for Sustainable Health (YISH) at Makerere University. Molly likes reading and writing and authored the book Moral and Spiritual Guidance in Children. She is an athlete, netballer, and loves traveling.
Namukasa Sarah is a second year student at Makerere University and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Social Administration. She grew up is Bugiri District in Eastern Uganda. Sarah is good at forming and maintaining friendships, a good public speaker, enjoys reading the Bible and includes prayers in her daily life. She enjoys sharing with and learning from others.
Nandera Sharon is a second year student of Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Social Administration. She grew up in Busia District in Eastern Uganda. She loves sharing ideas with others and new experience from different people, and making new friends.
Nikki Johnson is from Sacramento, California. She is currently pursuing her MPH in Epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health. Her undergraduate degree is in Community Health Education from Sacramento State. After completing her undergraduate studies, she worked at the California Department of Public Health as a Health Educator in vector borne diseases. Her hobbies are reading, hiking, and watching movies. She is very excited to become immersed in Ugandan culture and can’t wait to work with UVP and her team to empower the community to live healthier lives!
Pius Jemba is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health from Makerere University. He recently volunteered with Public Health Ambassadors Uganda as a field staff in reproductive and menstrual health programs. He participated in many community and school outreaches and having a variety of interests in working with people of different demographic backgrounds in the community. He is excited to be part of the UVP internship and working with other interns in the health activities for the people of Iganga District.
Rebecca Rose is from Los Angeles, but has just returned from Florianópolis, Brazil, where she worked with the city’s environmental education department. In the fall, she will be starting at Tufts University in Boston pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in International Relations, Community Health, Civic Engagement, and Latin American studies, while completing a pre-medical course of study. She plans to become a surgeon and contribute to surgical operations in low resource contexts. She’s passionate about cultural exchange and looks forward to sharing her experiences in Uganda and beyond to break down stigma and bias dividing the western and developing worlds.
Ryan Blake is from Holden, Massachusetts, United States. She attends Syracuse University and is working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical field with a focus on emergency medicine. In her free time, she loves to run, cook, and travel with friends. She is excited to have this opportunity to explore the country of Uganda, and she can’t wait to work with other interns and staff members of UVP to improve the health of the communities in Iganga District.
Samantha Loh is from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA and is pursuing her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health. Her undergraduate degree was in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. She is currently working on a research project analyzing the patterns and behaviors of snuff use in South Africa. Her long-term goal is to implement an intervention program to reduce snuff use, effectively improving public health. She hopes to pursue a career in field epidemiology on an international level. Travelling is her passion and she is very excited to be interning with UVP.
Siena Repetti Schmitt is from San Diego, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an Associate’s Degree in English Literature. She is currently a second year Master of Public Health candidate at Claremont Graduate University with a concentration in applied biostatistics and epidemiology. She hopes to pursue a career in improving healthcare access around the world and reducing global health disparities. This is her first time in Uganda and is looking forward to working with UVP this summer.
Sonia Jeon is a senior at Vanderbilt University, studying neuroscience and violin performance. Originally from San Francisco, she moved to a small rural town in Iowa at the age of 10 and presently resides in Iowa City, Iowa. Sonia has strong interests in global health inequities, minority health, and health policies. She has previously finished a research internship with the Vanderbilt Institute of Global Health and ultimately wants to complete an MPH and continue to research and work at an organization like UVP. Additionally, she hopes to utilize music to increase community engagement in the various health workshops.
Ssekulima Andrew Bob is from Kazo in Wakiso District and he is a second year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. He has a great love for sports and making new friends. He is looking forward to working with people from different backgrounds in a bid to secure and build career experience. He is eager to meet his fellow interns and share the internship experience.
Tatum Sandzimier is from Mission Viejo, California and studies Public Health and Global Poverty and Practice at the University of California, Berkeley. She plans to pursue a career in either hospital administration or public policy, working to advance healthy and sustainable communities and aspiring to remove barriers affecting an individual’s access to healthcare. Tatum enjoys hiking, surfing, and going on road trips. She looks forward to hands-on experiences and an education that offer her the opportunity to meet instructors, leaders, and people from different cultures, social backgrounds, and political perspectives, so she can continue to help others.
Tayona Diana is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Social Sciences at Kyambogo University. She is interested in ensuring that there is equal development of both rural and urban areas. Diana looks forward to collaborating with the people of Iganga and her fellow team members to realize health improvements in rural communities. Diana loves God, reading, writing, and playing.
Travis Belfonte is from Mitchellville, Maryland, USA. He attended and graduated from Wake Forest University in Health and Exercise Science. He loves working with kids and areas with medical needs. He is currently earning a MPH at Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health. He is interested in Global Health with a concentration on infectious diseases. In the future, he wishes to work within the CDC and NGOs to help reform public health efforts in an international forum. He enjoys playing and watching sports such as basketball, soccer and football. He is also an avid traveler and loves trying new foods and experiencing new cultures.